• Upon acceptance to wholesale access with the brand Keystone Steel Co., or upon first purchase, each wholesaler agrees to and promises to uphold these guidelines.
  • Wholesale prices are listed as brand sees fit. Prices are generally 50% off retail prices but may vary. Wholesale prices may change across catalogs without notifying retailer prior to price change. Prices are not permitted to change from retailer to retailer.
  • Opening orders and reorders must meet or exceed $175.
  • Unit minimum order requirements must be reached. MOQs for all in stock listings are 3 unless otherwise marked.
  • Discounts obtained from a brand ( native retail promotion may not be used on a wholesale order. If one is used, retailer is subject to reimburse brand.
  • Brand products obtained from third party locations may NOT be resold through retailer's shop. All products sold through retailer must be initially purchased from a Keystone Steel Co. wholesale permitted location.
  • Products are NOT to be sold on third party sites including Amazon or Etsy. Retailers are permitted to sell on their own eCommerce site. Brand will NOT ship direct to customer.


  • All payments are due in full upon purchase unless approved for Net Terms. All payments must be made directly through website via credit card, or by credit card over the phone. For questions or to get started making a payment over the phone, please email [email protected]
  • Split payments are not permitted unless terms are agreed upon by both brand and retailer prior to first payment.
  • Net 30 Terms may be applied upon approval. If approved retailer is permitted to pay for order 30 days after shipment is received.
  • Vaulted credit cards my be used according to the bylaws and payment terms.
  • Discounts may not be used for wholesale orders unless explicitly marked as a discount for a wholesale purchase. If a brand discount intended for native retail use is applied, retailer is subject to reimburse brand.

Packaging and Shipping

  • Instock orders are shipped within 3-12 days after payment is made or terms are agreed upon. Shipping times may be increased to 15 days during busy seasons.
  • Orders containing a custom order may take longer to send if a design has not be approved.
  • Orders will be sent in the least amount of boxes and will include an itemized invoice. If your order contains out of stock items or items that require more time to make, orders may be sent in two shipments.
  • Most orders are shipped UPS Ground or USPS Priority. During holiday seasons, please note UPS and USPS shipping times may increase. Brand will ship order within time allotted however is not responsible for, nor capable of controlling the speed in which the mail carrier delivers packages.
  • Orders are packaged with great care and attention according to their contents. Mail carriers may not handle packages with the same amount of care. If items are received damaged, please reach out to brand as soon as possible. NOTE: our items are made from steel and in most cases of a bent sign, item may be bent back into place using a rubber mallet or hammer.
  • Shipping rates are determined based off of basket size and current rate of mail carrier.

Adjustments, Returns, and Cancelations

  • Adjustments to order must be made prior to shipment. Adjustments can be made so long as the total basket still meets minimum requirements. To make an adjustment to your order, please reach out to [email protected]
  • If there is a question concerning an order, brand will contact retailer to fix concern. If retailer fails to respond in a timely manner and the order has been paid for, brand is permitted to make a decision in the best interest of the retailer.
  • Due to the nature of our products, returns are not permitted. Exchanges are permitted only under certain circumstances denoted by brand. If an exchange is permitted, retailer may be asked to pay for return label and new package shipment.
  • Order cancelations must be made prior to shipment. In event of a cancelled order, refunds are processed as store credit only.

Custom Orders

  • Keystone Steel Co. is considered an artist and that makes and manufactures all branded products on site. Therefore a request to make a custom item is permitted. NOTE: Not all requests can be met.
  • Customizable items include any item that can be directly ordered through the website with a fill-in customization field. These items must follow the rules of the customization field.
  • Customizable items are not required to send retailer a proof of the item.
  • Custom items are designs not found in a product listing and require a conversation and agreed upon design from the retailer and brand designer. Custom items can not be trademarked images or inappropriate designs. Brand has full authority to reject or refuse a custom request.
  • Custom items are not to be sold by brand to other retailers unless permissible by retailer in agreement.
  • All custom and customizable items have an ongoing minimum order requirement of 12.
  • New Items Requests have a first time request order minimum of 12, then a following order minimum of 3. New Item requests are not considered a custom and therefore are permitted to be added to the brand catalog.
  • Retailers may bring custom order requests from their own customer by directing them to our website or contacting us directly. Retailers will NOT receive a commission nor wholesale pricing for a single custom order request brought by a customer.
  • One-off signs requested by retailer such as a logo or display sign are NOT subject to wholesale pricing and will be charged full retail price.

Care and Storage

  • Steel products are made from recycled carbon steel. Steel will oxidize if left in a moisture rich area.
  • Please store all products in a climate controlled location. Products are packaged in smallest package possible for easy storage solutions. Orders are not packed to protect products from weather.
  • Do not store in unsealed garages or lockers. Steel will rust if exposed to moisture for long periods of time.
  • Finger prints can be easily removed with a damp paper towel. Remove water quickly. Scotch Bright works great for tough marks.
  • To weather proof: spray front and back with clear Rust-oleum or a rust preventing coating.


  • Hang one example with command strips for a nail free display.
  • Hang multiple with long nails or on a peg board. Leave a little space in between to prevent scratches.
  • For table top display, plate stands work great!
  • Photos from website are permitted to be used for promotional use with brand loyalty. All rights of photography belong to the brand Keystone Steel Co.