CUSTOM Name's Kitchen Wall Decor



Know someone who loves to cook or bake?  Gift them a sign that declares they rule the kitchen! 



1. Type the name of the person who's name shall appear above the word kitchen in the box below, ensuring it is spelled correctly!

NOTE: Names will be all lower case. Due to the nature of the sign we can only fit 7 letters for a name. If you desired name is too long, please consider a nickname or title :)

2. Add to cart!

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: This sign is made out of mild steel, so we recommend hanging indoors if you want to avoid any chance of rusting! Signs can also be easily weather-protected by coating it with Rustoleum Spray Paint. A slightly damp cloth can be used for fingerprint removal or other markings; dry product quickly as oxidation may occur if water is left on the product for too long. Because we use recycled steel, each piece will be unique and may have slight markings or patina.

We recommend hanging most of our signs with velcro 3M command strips!
* We offer volume discounts at quantities of 12 or more!
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